Summer Fun, Stinky Feet

July 12, 2010

Summer is in full swing at the Nord Casa. The boys are running amuck in the great outdoors, chasing the dog, kicking balls into the neighbor’s yard, catching fireflies and trampling my flowers. In short, having the time of their lives!

Yes, this is high time for a kid. Having once been a little person myself, I remember summer days that seemed to stretch on into infinity—that wonderful time in life when the heat, no matter how oppressive, didn’t even phase me.  It seems that way with our boys, too. On the hottest and muggiest of days, they have boundless energy, tireless legs and an insatiable appetite for adventure in our little backyard.

Christian and I are having a pretty good time watching the boys run willy-nilly. But while our eyes are delighted, our noses are experiencing quite another sensation. You see, it’s been a soggy summer here in Kansas City, and where there’s wet…and heat…there’s stinky feet.   

I’m telling you, this is no average stench emitting from the boys’ toes. It’s otherworldly. Enough to peel paint off the walls. Enough to kill our grass. Enough to send visitors packing.

What’s the cause of this hideous odor, you may ask? I blame two matching pairs of hybrid sneaker-sandals from Stride Rite. I was bent on giving the boys what I call “freedom feet” this summer—that is, no socks and as much airflow to the tootsies as possible. I thought this would help keep the boys cool. So we bought each of them a rather pricey pair of shoes—part sandal, part sneaker—and that’s where the trouble started.

We didn’t get much past the first summer rainstorm before I realized the folly of my plan.  A few minutes in the wet grass, a couple of splashes in the puddles, and a little sunshine to warm things up. BAM! The perfect ingredients for major foot stinkage. I couldn’t believe it the first time this odor smacked me in the face. My beautiful, darling children! So young…so innocent…so smelly!

I’ve tried everything to kill the stench. I scrub the boys’ feet nearly raw in the bathtub at night. And the shoes themselves—I’ve put them through countless showers of Febreze and baby powder. But any improvement is temporary. A little rain, a little sun, and my house of cards comes crashing down.

I know what you’re thinking. “Get rid of the shoes, bozo.” And yes, that is the easy answer. But if you know me at all, you know I’m painfully cheap, and those “strap sandals” (as Wyatt calls them) cost a pretty penny. So we’re keeping them, God help me! And I will continue to douse them in every variety of odor-blocking technology I can lay my hands on.

At the end of the summer, I suppose we’ll torch the shoes in a little bonfire action. It will be our sacrifice to the Stinky Feet gods—our plea that they go bother some other unsuspecting family next summer. We’ve had our fill, thank you very much.

Photo taken by Shawna McHenry  |

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  1. We have stinky feet at our house, too (and ours is thanks to cheap-o “strap sandals” from tar-get). I think, with boys though, this only the tip of the iceberg. We’re in stink-combat training for mommies.

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