We Are Homeowners. Hear Us Roar!

April 18, 2010

Christian and I are coming up on five years in our little 1940 rancher in Waldo. In the time that we have lived here, we’ve made a number of home improvements, all the way from minor paint jobs to pretty significant landscaping to a full kitchen remodel. And though we’re lacking in formal training or experience as handymen (or shall I say “handypeople”?), we’ve done 90% of the work ourselves—and a darned good job, too, if I do say so myself.

Our most recent do-it-yourself exploit was a deck that we built in the backyard. It’s a low structure—just about 10 inches off the ground—and its 14×16 size makes it perfect for relaxing with friends over a little BBQ and brewskis. We slaved over our deck for about a month, working fast and furiously at naptime and bedtime so we didn’t completely neglect our children in the process.

As this was our third major home-improvement project (first a bathroom, next the kitchen, then the deck), Christian and I settled into our roles fairly quickly, bypassing our normal course of bickering over who is really in charge. We have both accepted the fact that I am better with planning and he is stronger with execution, so he takes my orders with regards to the “how,” and I follow his lead with the “what.”

Yes, we’re a pretty good team, my husband and I. But we’re not alone in our DIY adventures. In fact, we have three other key contributors who help turn our vision into reality: Wyatt, Graham, and Bimbo the Cat. Together, the five of us make one lean, mean home-improvement crew, each with our own roles and responsibilities. Here’s how it breaks down:

Name: Christian “The Brawn” Nord
Title: Team Lead
Responsibilities: Demolition, purchasing supplies, heavy lifting, sawing, hammering, operating his beloved impact driver, drinking mass quantities of beer
Famous Words: “Really???”

Name: Sarah “The Brain” Nord
Title: Wannabe Team Lead
Responsibilities: Planning, worrying, measuring, leveling, worrying, shining the flashlight, moderate lifting, worrying, marveling at our creation
Famous Words: “Works for me!”

Name: Wyatt “The Helper” Nord
Title: Man-Child
Responsibilities: Light lifting, asking “why?”, wielding his plastic tools, hurting mommy and daddy with the measuring tape, asking for snacks
Famous Words: “Can I watch you work in my pajamas?”

Name: Graham “The Observer” Nord
Title: Innocent Bystander
Responsibilities: Waddling around the project site, picking up gravel and transferring it to his mouth, waiting patiently while mommy and daddy work “just five more minutes, Graham!”
Famous Words: “Gah!”

Name: Bimbo “The Inspector” Nord
Title: Project Supervisor
Responsibilities: Watching, judging
Famous Words: “Meow”

With the help of our entire crew, our recent deck project was a smashing success. For our friends living in KC, come over anytime to lounge with us and enjoy a nice margarita. And for those who live far away, I invite you to experience our new deck through this brief photo journal:

Our old patio, undergoing demolition

The new deck starting to come together

Christian at work under Bimbo’s critical gaze

Finished…at 11 p.m.!

Loving our new space!

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  1. This was very enjoyable, Sarah, very droll. It also sparks my interest in wordpress.com; I’m going to follow up on that.

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