A Year in the Life

January 9, 2010

Christian and I rang in the New Year ’09 in the best way possible, holding our sweet baby Graham, born just hours before. Since then, Graham has become our little ball of sunshine—the happiest baby we’ve ever encountered and, on the whole, very easy to have around. He is truly “Golden Graham.”

Having just celebrated his first birthday, I’ve been spending some time thinking about the last year and all the things I will miss about our Grammy Bear as an infant. He has been darling since day one—quick to smile, an easy sleeper, a natural cuddler, and just so beautiful. Of course, there are also a few things I’m happy to leave behind (since we don’t intend to do the baby thing again.) Top of my list? Pumping. Miserable. Painful. Done! I’m also thrilled to ditch the night waking…well, at least habitual night waking. Let’s be real.

Those few “inconveniences” aside, Graham’s first year was full of many, many wonderful moments that I hope to never forget. Here are just a few of my fondest memories:

Co-Sleeping: Graham was never interested in his basinet, nor was he inclined to sleep in his crib, bouncy, car seat or any other location other than Mommy’s arms for his first six weeks of life. So every night, I would “sleep” sitting up on the couch, with Graham sawing logs in the crook of my arm. The lack of real rest was taxing, but it sure was pleasant to be so close to him and breathe in every bit of his sweetness.

Cuddling: Now that Graham is on the move, he has less time for physical contact with any human being. But for most of his first year, he was a cuddle bug extraordinaire, always happy to occupy an obliging lap. He’s also quite the nuzzler, and we can’t get enough of his sometimes-snotty Eskimo kisses.

Rolling…Crawling…Cruising: Graham was on the move pretty early in life, and for a while, barrel rolling was his primary mode of transportation. Given his general roundness, the skill came naturally to him, and he could cross the length of our family room in about two shakes of a lamb’s tail. From the barrel roll, he graduated to army crawling with a form so perfect, I’m sure the US military is ready to recruit. (Please don’t.) Just recently, he has taken up the quintessential baby crawl on hands and knees, complemented by frequent cruising on his hind legs, and we expect him to walk independently at any moment.    

“Singing” in Church: Graham is a natural musician. Much like his big brother, he has an inherent sense of rhythm and likes to flex the golden pipes whenever the mood strikes him. Unfortunately, the mood often strikes him in church, not just during the hymns, but also throughout Pastor B’s sermons. We like to say that he is moved by the message to break out in song, but really…he just likes to hear the sound of his own voice bouncing off the stained glass. He’s a little irreverent, but man, he’s adorable. 

Smiling Like Sunshine: Most people use 12 muscles to smile, but Graham truly smiles with his entire body, and it is delightful to behold. His whole face lights up, his shoulders shrug, his fingers and toes curl. He is such a happy child, and he brings more joy to our family than I would ever have imagined.

Time has gone by quickly, and Graham is growing from a baby to a boy. He’s already graduated to the “waddler” room at school, and before I know it, he’ll be running around the house, tall and skinny like Wyatt, telling wild stories, and “talking trash.” 🙂 I’m excited to watch him cross the milestones that await him in the days, weeks and years to come, but I’m also trying desperately to make time stand still—to hold onto the baby moments that are so fleeting and so dear. I keep reminding myself, though, that while my boys may grow like weeds, changing from infants, to toddlers, to children, to men, they will always be my babies. That is the great gift of motherhood.

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  1. Beautiful! You have a wonderful way with words, Sarah!

    Liz U.

  2. Love it, Sarah!!! You (and he) will cherish this little article for years to come.

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