O Tannenbaum! How Weighted Down Are Thy Branches

December 3, 2009

With small children scurrying around our house, Christian and I have been of the “wait until the last possible minute” mindset regarding our Christmas tree for several years now. There are many who like to decorate for the holidays immediately after Thanksgiving (and sometimes before…sacrilege!), but for us, spending a full month playing goalie between our toddler and our tannenbaum is really not an enjoyable use of time. So we’ve generally put the tree up a week or two before Christmas and taken it down promptly after the last bit of wrapping paper hits the curb.

This year has been a different story. With Wyatt nearing four, he’s finally starting to figure out what this whole Christmas thing is about, and he’s super excited. Inspired by too many viewings of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Wyatt has been asking to put up our Christmas tree for weeks now—every day, several times a day. Last weekend, still delirious from our Thanksgiving tryptophan overdose, Christian and I caved in and drug our 7-foot artificial monstrosity down from the attic.

To my great surprise, Wyatt was actually very helpful in setting up the tree, stringing the lights, and putting on the ornaments. Even if he wasn’t actively engaged in tree trimming at every moment, at least he watched patiently and didn’t get into too much trouble while Christian and I had our hands full.

When the last of the ornaments was on, Wyatt pronounced the tree “beautiful” and was adamant about having his picture taken with our bejeweled beauty—first by himself, and then with Daddy and Mommy. Here’s a very cute shot for your viewing pleasure:

Little did Christian and I know when we pronounced the tree “finished” that Wyatt had other plans in mind. Last night, while I was making dinner and Christian was out at a basketball game, Wyatt took it upon himself to take our Christmas tree to a whole new level. From the kitchen, I could hear lots of giggling (which is never good with a preschooler), and when I came into the living room to check out the scene, I discovered that Wyatt had adorned our tree with his shoes, winter coat, and hat, along with this entire set of giant legos. The tree looked like it had been caught up in a tornado, and I came within about an inch of majorly losing my cool.

But then I saw the look on Wyatt’s face—pure pride in his workmanship and utter delight in his creation. Despite my urge to clean up his mess, I decided to let it be and enjoy the humor in his creativity. Wyatt’s shoes and legos are still hanging right where he placed them, and they may be there still when jolly ol’ Saint Nick slides down our extremely dirty chimney to deliver the goods. I hope our Christmas tree gives him a chuckle, too.

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  1. That is awesome. I too probably would have had the urge to leap into uncoolness before I really looked. Kudos to you for going with the preschooler flow. Meanwhile, Our tree stands, completely un-adorned, but surrounded protectively by the play yard fence thingy.

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