It’s Liturgy for This Lutheran Lady

November 1, 2009

Today, Christian and I joined Calvary Lutheran Church—he through confirmation and I through affirmation of faith. Calvary is probably the most special congregation I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m really happy to be a member. But even more so, I’m thrilled to be a Lutheran again.

I grew up a Missouri Synod Lutheran, and as a teenager, I remember being painfully bored by the liturgy and formality of the service. I couldn’t understand the purpose of saying aloud the Apostles Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and all the other responsive reading, and in fact, I remember feeling almost hypocritical speaking those words when I didn’t have any thought or feeling behind it. What was the point?

Well, there was a point. Now some 15 years later, I’m really thankful that I “suffered through” the liturgy as a kid because, little did I know it at the time, but those words had become a part of my soul.

Since college, Christian and I have always attended contemporary, community-style churches. While the music and preaching were good, there was always a void for me in my worship, and I struggled for years to figure out what it was. But over time, it dawned on me: What I was missing was the verbal profession of my faith. Yes, those very words that bored me to tears in my youth.

Now, I realize that Lutheran liturgy is not for everyone. It’s certainly very formal, and it’s easy to mumble through the readings without giving much thought to the meaning behind the words. But for me, I need to speak the Word of God aloud for it to stick. And I need to make my confession aloud; otherwise, it’s all too easy to let that important but sometimes uncomfortable aspect of my faith go undone.

Since we’ve been at Calvary, I’ve found that what I’m speaking aloud and learning during the service each Sunday is finally sticking with me past lunch time. I’m thinking about my faith as I drive to work during the week, as I put my kids to bed at night, and as I struggle with the same old sins that have been plaguing me for years. At last, my faith is becoming a part of my everyday life—not just a passing thought on Sunday morning.

I’m really excited to see the walk of faith that my family will go on through our membership at Calvary. I’m sure our boys will be bored with the liturgy (and sometimes Christian and I will be, too), but I’m hopeful that Wyatt and Graham will allow the spoken Word to change them as it has me.

It’s good to be a Lutheran again. This is most certainly true.

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  1. Welcome home, Sarah!
    Worship of God is about Him not me. Liturgy is boring to most because of our self-centeredness. Although I like many contemporary songs, I also dislike how often they are “me” focused about God and not God focused about God and about me (and others).

    Blessings to the Nord home.

    PS I can’t wait until we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together as a “family” again!!

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